The evening was made amazing by the outdoor concert

When Don told me my buddy and I would be heading to Fort Collins in CO, I was excited; For months, I had been telling him my buddy and I needed to take a cut from work and travel! This was once our number one pastime when my buddy and I got together, but in fact, Don and I met on the road when my buddy and I had both gone hiking, but we soon became friends, and things progressed when my buddy and I realized my buddy and I lived in the same area… However, life has changed, and it’s been 5 years of total chaos in our household. This is why this trip to Fort Collins made me so excited. I had told him about this amazing city situated in northern CO, however not several people know this, but this is a place full of so much history and historical places to visit. I once study an article by a travel blogger detailing her experience traveling to Fort Collins one summer time and I instantly added it to my bucket list. When Don said my buddy and I would do something this summer, I told him about what I had study and sent him a link so he’s also study up on it. Well, I think he did and began to plan a surprise for me because he knew my buddy and I had to take a cut from work, the youngsters, and all that our lives demanded, however since it’s summer, Don made sure to rent out an airbnb with an air conditioner to keep us cool and comfy. Though it was hot, my buddy and I had a enjoyable time, and I particularally enjoyed this outdoor concert one summer time evening while in our trip.

heating and cooling Fort Collins CO