We had a very enjoyable anniversary

My best friend and I both have anniversarys that fall in the week of July… Our anniversarys are a couple of days apart, however we usually celebrate them together.

This year, the more than 2 of us decided to take a trip to CA.

There is a location in Santa Barbara County called the Channel Islands National Park. The Santa Barbara county National Park is lake house to a variety of species of birds, land creatures, and plants. There are more than 2 volcanic islands that make up the Channel Islands National Park and we planned to take a kayak tour to explore all of the area. Our trip to CA was the first time our friend and I ever had the opportunity to use cannabis legally! CA is a single of a handful of states that have legalized cannabis for everyone; Since we were in a state with legal recreational marijuana laws, we opted to go to a dispensary. The selection was out of this world. The two of us were totally overwhelmed, however the budtender helped us choice out a couple of things. One of those items was a basket of edible candies flavored like pink lemonade… My friend and I ate more than 2 of the candies on the afternoon of our kayak tour… Both of us did not begin to think the effects until we were on the water, however it made the afternoon a lot more interesting, but I barely remember the events from the afternoon. I believe we spent a lot of time giggling and checking out the scenery, however I’m not sure we ever left the marina.


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