Denver’s first combination bookstore and cannabis dispensary

As a teenager I was a recluse, a shut-in, and a loser.

  • I can admit all of that now, but at the time I was a scary kid.

I relied on comic books and cannabis to keep me sane. How I made it through my traumatic high school years I will never know. That was a long time ago, and my life has totally turned around. One thing that never changed was that reading comics and getting high was my “safe place.” Whenever I get stressed out with life, this is how I recharge my batteries. Now that you understand my personal history, you will understand how stoked I am to open my own business here in Denver, Colorado. I am running the first business in Denver that combines a comic book shop and a cannabis dispensary under one roof. I’m actually surprised to be the first business of this kind, because there are hundreds of cannabis outlets in the Denver metropolitan area. I did find a radical feminist bookstore that also sold cannabis, but I am going for a much different vibe. No politics, no sports, no loud music, just killer cannabis and the best comic book collection in the city of Denver, and maybe the state of Colorado. I have thousands of comics out for people to read, with new issues coming every month. So far business is soft, mostly because the competition for cannabis sales in Denver is monstrous. I need to be patient, because I know there is a demand in Denver for this kind of establishment.

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