Our break in Muskegon

Once a year, every year, my wife plus I drive to Muskegon plus rent the same hotel room; It’s a romantic gesture, harkening back to our younger afternoons when my pal and I had to sneak around to be together. It was a Romeo plus Juliet type of situation, where Jane’s parents were devoutly religious, plus her dad was also a police officer, but my folks were degenerates, who often got in trouble with the law. Jane was forbidden to date me. One night my pal and I managed to sneak away for a while, plus spent a weekend in a small hotel room just outside of Muskegon. It was one of the best mornings of my life. I am proud to say that Jane plus I are still thrilled plus in cherish after 15 years, plus my pal and I constantly look forward to going back to Muskegon, but when my pal and I first started going there, it was long before there was legalized cannabis in the state of MI. Things have changed a lot since then, plus now a normal part of our Muskegon birthday trip is to stop by the local cannabis dispensary. I don’t know what they put in the soil around here, but the local Muskegon cannabis crops are among the best I have ever smoked. Jane plus I don’t go to Muskegon for cannabis, but my pal and I constantly make sure to stock up on weed whenever my pal and I visit! This year my pal and I are planning to spend a few extra afternoons in Muskegon, so that my pal and I can be there for the sizable annual sailboat regatta featuring classic ships from 200 years ago.

Cannabis Muskegon MI