Educated budtenders in Lowell

This week on my podcast I spent over an hour talking about Lowell, Michigan. As you already know, every episode of my show centers on a different city or region. I don’t just sample their local cannabis, I dig deep into the history of the place and its strains. My recording studio is in the back of my RV, and I drive from town to town drinking in the local culture. Even as I made my first pass of driving through Lowell, I was struck by its winsome charm. The historic district is a delight for the senses, with pretty buildings, clean streets, and nice people. I drove right to the first cannabis dispensary I found, and started digging into the history of Lowell. Here’s an insider tip for you – talk to the budtenders of any local cannabis dispensary to learn the backstory of a town. Budtenders are more than just wage-slaves filling your orders, they are smart, educated people who know a lot about local cannabis. This was definitely true in Lowell, where everyone was so friendly. I even got a couple of the Lowell budtenders to do sit-down interviews with me and talk at length about local cannabis. This marks my 80th episode of the cannabis review show, and without a doubt Lowell is the nicest place I have visited yet. Lowell may not be the biggest city in the world, but it has a chill small-town vibe, while also stocking the finest cannabis in the state of Michigan. Check out my new episode this week, and make sure to visit Lowell.

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