My annual HVAC service appointment is already set

Last Summer’s record-breaking heat taught me a valuable lesson.

I’ll never put off scheduling an appointment for HVAC service.

In fact, I’ve already scheduled my HVAC maintenance for the middle of this month, and it’s only early March. I decided to postpone my service appointment last Summer because I was traveling a lot. Additionally, it can be challenging to locate HVAC service providers in Phoenix who aren’t booked solid during the warmer months. In fact, some service providers are so busy that there may be a two-week wait for assistance. If the A/C unit is broken, that’s an even bigger problem, especially if your health is already compromised. It could literally mean life or death to wait longer than two days for an HVAC provider to fix an air conditioner. Fans and portable air conditioners could, of course, be short-term fixes, but they have their limitations. A portable air conditioner can hardly keep the house cool when it is 95 degrees at night and 110 degrees during the day. Furthermore, it is unfair to hold the HVAC service providers accountable for their inability to fix these A/C units quickly because they are doing everything in their power to reach everyone. Due to a ruling that air conditioning is an essential service, Phoenix renters have certain rights when it comes to air conditioning. This law offers tenants some protection, but if they can’t find a technician to do the work, it won’t help them at all. Personally, I hope I never have to deal with a broken air conditioner because that is much worse than a delay in getting HVAC service.



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