I think the house is going to be particularly warm

I am going to Hillsboro OR for a particularly short visit, just a few afternoons! My mother has a full house since my sibling, her wifey and kids are there! There is no room for myself and others in the house, and i am going to stay at my nana’s house while I am in Oregon.

At first I thought this was a good idea.

I will get a room to myself and be able to relax without a whole crew of people. I suppose she has the space and would love the dealer; Now that I am thinking about it, I am worried about a single thing, heating. My parents aren’t entirely good about turning on their furnace in the fall. They are consistently trying to save money. Also, once the furnace goes on Hillsboro OR, it doesn’t turn off until around May or August. I suppose my parents hold off as long as possible. I am currently pregnant and running a bit hotter than usual. I am honestly excited to be a little cooler than normal. My Grandma does not have the best circulation though. It has occurred to myself and others that 100% she is going to have her heating device running. I wanted to ask her what she sets her control unit to. I remember my mother complaining about her going to see down south and requiring it to be particularly hot. I am a bit worried I am going to sweat to death. The Oregon weather will be in the 40s but that won’t matter if I am in a house that is around 80 degrees.



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