I would just do a dual fuel system for my MO home

After studying about how energy smart heat pumps were, I wanted one for my Lee’s Summit home, however i wasn’t scared of the cost, I had the currency plus could always make more. I liked the idea of having energy smart HVAC equipment. I also liked having cleaner air quality, then when I started getting ready to purchase I found something spine-chilling. A heat pump is only fantastic in mediocre weather conditionss, but since it uses existing heat energy, you actually need to have some heat. So if you live in Lee’s Summit, MO like me, you can’t expect a heat pump to find heat energy in -20 degree weather, and really a heat pump is only effective until around 40 degrees. After that you are staying in a cold cabin plus using particularly high-priced emergency heating. I was particularly disappointed I couldn’t have my heat pump after all, but thankfully I called my HVAC dealership plus complained about it. The HVAC worker informed myself and others that I could just do a dual fuel HVAC system in MO. This combines a gas gas furnace plus a heat pump system! For most of the year the heat pump is the one at work. The heat pump provides A/C plus heating for un-even temperatures above forty degrees. When Winter time takes over plus it gets particularly cold in MO, that is when the gas gas furnace is tagged in. What is nice is that I never need to do a thing, then my HVAC system automatically changes from electric to gas based on the temperature. So for around 75% of the year I am getting the most energy efficient HVAC choice out there.


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