Just outside of Seattle, life is beautiful

When I sit on my front porch I can clearly see the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. The way they rise over the foothills and endless oceans of green trees is quite beautiful. I love being this close to the city, at the same time I love being this far away from it, too. Overall I think Seattle is one of the greenest, friendliest, most forward-thinking places to live, but I am a mountain man at heart and I like my privacy. Living this close to Seattle gives me all the advantages of being a resident, with none of the down sides. And then there is that wonderful view, and I keep in mind that if I lived in Seattle itself I would miss out on this breathtaking sight. Under a canopy of twinkling stars the Jet City of Seattle looks like a thing of beauty. Many nights I sit on my porch smoking cannabis, drinking beer, and just staring at Seattle. Which brings me to another excellent point about where I live. There are many great brewers and cannabis farmers in the Seattle area that make top-notch products. Why go through the trouble of growing my own pot or brewing my own beer when the craftsmen of Seattle do such a wonderful job? I am close enough to the city that I can go and get whatever I need, yet I still have the privacy and solitude of owning my own land. I am happy to call Seattle my neighbor, but I still don’t want to get any closer to it.

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