I always love a weekend in Portland

When I was a kid I visited Portland several times, and always thought it was fun.

  • As an adult, I realize that the best things this city has to offer are not for kids! First of all, the local breweries and distilleries of Portland, Oregon are the best on the seaboard.

The craftsmen out here dedicate their entire lives to brewing the best small-batch beer, and distilling the most amazing and pure spirits you have ever tasted. The drinks are just the beginning, but the real star of Portland is the amazing cannabis it grows. The cannabis industry is thriving in Portland, because they cultivate some of the best strains and blends the world has ever seen. This may sound like hyperbole, but I’m being 100% honest. The cannabis laws in Portland and the rest of Oregon are very lax, so my favorite thing to do is get stoned and watch a live musical performance. The music scene in Portland is off the chain, with at least 1 great live show every single night of the year. I usually enjoy a joint of some high octane cannabis like OG Kush or Purple Haze, and then munch on a cannabis edible, before I go to a concert. This will keep me stoned and feeling groovy for the rest of the evening, at which point I check out one of the local Portland venues that hold concerts. Jazz, blues, funk, rock, or punk, no matter what mood I’m in I can find a live music show in Portland, and spend the rest of the night dancing.



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