Smoking cannabis in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a three hour drive from my hometown. It’s close enough to drive there, but far enough away that I usually need to stay overnight. Why spend all that time on the road just for a few brief hours in Sin City? When I do Vegas, I do it right. I prepare myself mentally and financially for a wild weekend, and then make a mini-vacation out of it. It turns out there are a lot of ways to have fun in Las Vegas without spending a ton of money, but you have to be creative. And let’s face it, I have to spend some money, just for food, gas, booze, and of course cannabis. One of my favorite parts about Las Vegas is how relaxed they are about cannabis. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, because why wouldn’t the Las Vegas cops support it? People get blackout drunk on liquor every night, and tend to start fights and cause trouble, whereas cannabis smokers never cause that kind of a scene. If someone smokes too much cannabis they just get sleepy, which is a much easier problem for the Las Vegas PD to handle. I keep cannabis and booze in my car, and usually don’t bother renting a hotel room when I visit Las Vegas. I want to party until I drop, and get every last moment of fun from the Las Vegas nightlife, and then when I run out of energy I start the drive back home. By the time I get back to my own bed, I’m ready for another trip to Las Vegas.
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