I enjoyed Beverly Hills over LA

The only thing I knew about Beverly Hills, CA was that it is the place I want to be, at least according to Weezer, but when my spouse and I started looking for a trip spot, we searched around in California! I didn’t adore the looks or the feedback we got from San Francisco and San Diego! Beverly Hills was universally liked though.

It also is near the LA airport! So my spouse and I planned an itinerary where we hung out in LA and partied for a few afternoons, then we went to Beverly Hills to see the sights, shop around and get massages.

I thought for sure we would adore Los Angeles more. Beverly Hills was smaller, prettier and cleaner. It also offered tons of things to do doing but did not have the loud and crazy eveninglife. The prices were reasonable and the restaurants offered diverse cuisine. In LA we looked around for recreational cannabis. While there were a lot of options, the prices were just too high. In Beverly Hills there were 50% less options but the costs were good. We found something we liked too. There were dispensaries with dab bars, smoker’s lounge and an on-site bakery. What more could we possibly need? I now wish I would have made the whole trip out of Beverly Hills. We should have flown into LA and then instantly drove away. I will know that for next time though. I believe I will adore staying in a single base camp much better too! Renting a car and returning it is constantly annoying.

Recreational Pot Beverly Hills CA