The interstate and turnpike were covered with cars

The best place to buy medical marijuana is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Philadelphia is the biggest city in the state and there are more than a dozen different medical marijuana shops nearby.

My mom and I decided to take a drive to Philadelphia last weekend so we could visit one of the new medical marijuana shops. We live up in Allentown which is about 2 hours away from Philadelphia. We decided to take the turnpike so it would be faster. There were cars broken down all over the turnpike because of snow and ice. My mom and I were trying to be careful, but we had trouble driving as well. It took almost 2 hours just to drive 30 miles because of all the accidents and terrible weather. When we finally got to Philadelphia, it was already past lunch time. We went right to the medical marijuana shop to pick out some supplies. I parked the car so my mom and I could both go into the dispensary together. The medical marijuana dispensary had a lot of different products available like concentrates, dried marijuana flower, tinctures, and edibles. My mom picked out a couple of different edibles and I picked out several different types of dried marijuana flower. I got some indicas and a couple of sativas. When I saw a blue dream strain that had 30% thc, I decided to buy it. The blue dream strain was a top-shelf product and $55 for an eighth, but it was worth every penny. The Blue Dream marijuana strain was the best thing that I have smoked in a long time.



Marijuana Pick-up Philadelphia PA