I enjoy the temperature here

One of the reasons why I decided to move to Tarzana, CA is due to the Mediterranean temperature.

This category of temperature is only found in this part of the US, however one reason is due to the unique topography of the region, then los Angeles has barrier islands that help aid in this temperature, however when I was picking sites to live after graduating from school, I thought LA sounded amazing; I knew I would be able to find a task in LA without many concerns, however the cost of residing was outrageous.

The price on a a single living room flat was almost multiple grand a month. I would not be able to pay off our student loans at that rate. When I found property in Tarzana, I was eager to learn more about the area. I thought the sound of the temperature was appealing & I was also intrigued by the number of famous people that are from Tarzana, and jason Derulo, Marc Antony & Lisa Kudrow all grew up in the town of Tarzana. There are tons of famous people still residing in the suburban city. Another fantastic reason to enjoy the west coast is the legalization of medical & recreational marijuana. The legalization of marijuana has led to billions of dollars in relocation for the state. The taxes on legal cannabis are used for town parks, road repair, & community events. If you ever consider moving to the west coast, there are a ton of communities right outside of LA. The immense town is less than an hour away, & the areas still offer the charm of small town residing.

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