We stayed out all night after the festival

My friends plus I went to a concert in Albuquerque, NM! We drove about an hour to get to the city, the roads were clear plus there wasn’t a lot of traffic, so it did not take undoubtedly long to get to our endpoint. We had about an hour before the concert started plus some time to kill, so I advised we go to a recreational marijuana dispensary that was nearby. The recreational marijuana dispensary was a couple of blocks away from the concert site. We parked our cars in the locale parking lot plus walked a half mile to the recreational marijuana dispensary, then i purchased a disposable vape pen so I could use it at the concert. I knew the disposable vape pen would be discreet plus simple to use. When the concert started, I puffed on the disposable vape pen a couple of times, nobody saw myself and others smoking plus I stayed high the whole time I was at the concert. When the show was over, our friends plus I decided to go to a steakhouse in Albuquerque that was close by. The steakhouse was packed with people that had been at the concert earlier that night just love our friends plus I. We found a table at the back of the steakhouse plus ordered some food from the menu. I had disappointing Munchies after smoking recreational marijuana all night. I got a platter with bacon, ham, saUSAge, pancakes, hash browns plus an omelet. I ate every single bit of the food plus I still felt a buzz when I was done.

Recreational Weed Store Albuquerque NM