Happy with the need for air conditioning

I absolutely love living in Tampa, Florida.

I relocated to the Sunshine State a little over five years ago. The city of Tampa is just beautiful. It offers great weather and amazing scenery. There’s easy access to beaches, ocean waves, high-end shopping and fantastic food. Plus, I am a huge hockey fan. Since moving to Tampa, I’ve purchased season tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning games. Attending a hockey game in the south is very different than in the north. I used to need to bundle up in a wool coat, hat, gloves and heavy boots to prepare for the games. I would first shovel the driveway, brush the snow off the hood and scrape the ice from the windshield of my car. I worried about dangerous driving conditions. The walk from the parking lot to the arena was excruciating because of the snow and cold. Now, I typically drive to the games with the air conditioner blasting. I wear shorts and a T-shirt, and the walk from the parking lot to the arena sometimes has me sweating profusely. It’s a relief to step inside the air conditioned arena. In the middle of the winter, the cool environment feels wonderful. When it’s time for playoffs, there are sometimes issues with keeping the rink cold enough for good quality ice. I never need to worry about bringing along a coat or getting stranded in blizzard conditions. My home in Tampa isn’t even outfitted with any kind of heating system. We strictly focus on air conditioning and dehumidifying. It’s very different in the south, but I am way happier with the heat than the cold and snow.

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