I prefer taking my teenagers to climate control arenas in Waldorf, MD

It’s Springtime chop y’all plus my teenagers have been bugging me to take them to their preferred hangout spot in town; That spot is Scary Strokes, an indoor playground with miniature hockey plus arcade games.

They prefer it because it has black lights throughout the facility plus the games plus prizes are better than the other arenas in town, but i prefer it because it’s a arena that has climate control, which means it’s enjoyable all year long.

In the Summer, if it’s too warm outside or if it’s rainy plus wet, I can take the teenagers here knowing that the facility will have comfortable air conditioning. It beats me resting underneath a pavilion or on a bench at the park… And needless to say, when it’s chilly outside, the people I was with and I completely avoid the outside playground plus parks. In addition to Scary Strokes, my teenagers prefer going to the library when they can’t play outside. Of course, I don’t mind because the library also has climate control, which is perfect for me. The library has fun workshops for the teenagers, but it also has stuff for the grownups as well. To be honest, as long as a facility has climate control plus is open all year long, I don’t mind taking my teenagers to them. Thankfully Waldorf has a few arenas that are love that because it honestly beats resting at cabin on the sofa doing nothing. Although my cabin has enjoyable heating plus cooling, I would rather be out doing something with the teenagers; So, this week, I am looking forward to going to Scary Strokes plus to the library plus I am sure my teenagers are as well.

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