Raising my family in Buffalo

Living in New York City got old.

I hated being in the city. It was riddled with homeless people, loud noises and crime. I really didn’t want to raise a family there. Also, the prices of everything were a lot. Unfortunately I worked in New York, so what was I supposed to do? I found a big house with a nice yard in Buffalo NY. It is only a few hours outside of New York City. It is perfect for my new family. I right now have one baby boy, but we plan to have more. I love that there is minimal traffic by my house so I would feel comfortable to let my son bike around the yard. I like that there are no car horns honking, people shouting or loud stereos. The cost of living in Buffalo is much better too. I can get more groceries than I did before. I have a better car and of course, my house is amazing. I don’t mind the hour commute to work. I make sure to get up early and beat traffic. During the winter the snow is pretty tough. I make sure to have a good car heating system. I then pre-heat the car so no snow or ice is on the windshield. I then can enjoy a toasty ride with a podcast going. The smartest move my family ever made was leaving New York City and going to Buffalo. It is safer, cleaner and a better way to live if you are a family unit.


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