Temperatures Last week were quite warm

Temperatures Last week were uncommonly warm for the area… It is currently only March and every one of us normally have rain, light wind, and mild hot and cold temperatures, this year it has been close to 90 every single afternoon of the week and every one of us are only halfway through.

I had to turn on the air conditioning inside of our house in order to help combat the warm hot and cold temperatures! My mom lives about 30 minutes away from myself and others and The Villages. I went to her house and I set up the air conditioning and the window in her dining room, and her house has central air conditioning, but she has a special air conditioning with an whole-house air purifier that she uses during the summer time weeks. There was something wrong with the air conditioning and I could not figure out how to get it working again. I decided to put the machine into the back of our car so I could take it to our house. I was hopeful that our hubby would be able to look at the machine and determine the problem. He is particularly unbelievable at solving problems and a particularly skilled electrical engineer. He found a wire that had been chewed right through. It was taxing to tell if the problem happened while the machine was running or if it happened while every one of us had it in the attic during the off season. Either way, the chewed wire was straight-forward to replace and that fixed the problem with the air conditioning. The next afternoon I returned to The Villages so I could put the air conditioning back into the window at our mother’s site.

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