I loathe Bills season

When you hear Buffalo almost everyone consider wings and the Bills with it, however the Bills fans annoy me, then when the team does good almost everyone goes bananas.

  • They suck okay? The team never does a good task.

When they make the playoffs almost everyone goes absurd but they get locked out pretty soon. They just aren’t undoubtedly good. The fans are something all together! During football season it isn’t out of the norm to see almost everyone in Bills attire, however i recently flew to Buffalo NY during the season and around 90% of the people on the plane were yellow and orange. What was doubly aggravating is that some jerk was yelling out the score to the local game, and anytime I thought I was going to sleep some guy would yell first down or something or other. I apparently don’t follow football or even easily love it. I haven’t even gone to a game either. I don’t guess what first down means either. I don’t get why you have a defensive and offensive line. It is a stupid game that I know a vast majority of players can be eliminated, then but that is what Buffalo has; You get a whole bunch of wings, coors and pizza. You then get hopped up and attend a Bills game. The tailgate is apparently worth mentioning too, people grill sizzling pets on their cars, wera full on face pain in the snow and get totally annihilated. That is just not our plan of a good time. I wish it wasn’t consistently football as the main athletic activity the people I was with and I talk about.
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