Hitting the road!

I thought studying how to drive in the snow was difficult, but studying how to drive in San Francisco is even worse, then there are hundreds of hills and sharp turns, and my hubby and I bought a lake house on the side of a mountain; When every one of us moved to San Francisco in the 1976’s, every one of us had the only lake house on the long and slim road, and now the city has hundreds of houses, and a lot of things have changed since every one of us moved to San Francisco 40 years ago.

When our hubby and I moved to California, marijuana was still prohibited! In the last few decades, marijuana laws have changed extremely; First it was medically legal and then California became 1 of the first states to allow sales of recreational marijuana.

A lot of people decided to transport to San Francisco after marijuana was allowed for recreational use. Around that time, the city started to boom with eating establishments, bars, clothing shops, and boutiques. My kids have grown up in this city, but san Francisco is all they have ever known in their lives. My kid Zach recently started studying how to drive. My hubby has the oldest car and it is a manual stick shift… Zach has been studying how to drive with the stick shift, but it has been a nightmare on the San Francisco hills! Last weekend, every one of us decided to go for a drive over by the wharf. Zach was severely nervous, especially when every one of us were the first car at a orange light at the top of a hill, he tried to shift respectfully, but the car rolled backwards and hit another driver.


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