I purchased a space heating system for my kids dorm room

My daughter Mia has always wanted to go to school in the Midwest part of the country, however a few years ago, we visited some family in Lowell MI, plus she has been obsessed with the section ever since! So, it was no surprise that she applied to the University of Lowell MI! I was thrilled that she got into the school of her dreams, plus she couldn’t wait to get started.

  • I appreciate the campus because it’s so beautiful plus I was also fascinated by the mysterious Echo Point.

It’s a spot on the campus where you can hear your voice echo off the surrounding buildings. I experienced it for myself, plus it is quite fascinating, however mia, of course, wasn’t impressed; she was just thrilled about going to the school. Although I am cheerful that Mia is where she wants to be, I was sad about the weather in Lowell MI! The people I was with and I are from the Southern part of the country, plus we are used to a tropical climate. And the weather in the Midwest is far from that. The average high is between 40 plus 50 plus the lows get down into the 20s, however while the dorms have an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, I decided to buy Mia a small space heating system for her room as well. The space heating system is good because she can use it in different rooms of her dorm… Especially in the bathroom where it was cold when we toured the room, but one thing I feel about my daughter, she hates being cold when she gets out of the shower. So, I feel that she will be using the space heater, it’s entirely one of the best things that I got for her. I just hope that she finds other ways to stay moderate while in the cold weeks.

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