I got caught driving with marijuana in the bus

Adults over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana for recreational or medical reasons! Each person can purchase up to 8 grams of marijuana concentrate in a single transaction; You can also purchase up to 1 oz of dried marijuana flower, but there’s lots of odd types of dried marijuana flowers in the dispensary, however dried marijuana flower comes in single gram packages, sevenths, quarters, halves, plus whole ounces.

Dried marijuana flower also comes in already packaged pre-rolled joints.

Some of these joints are a half gram plus some are up to 2 grams or more, i once saw an 8 gram mega joint that was filled with 7 grams of top shelf flower plus 1 gram of premium distillate. It was $150 for the single joint plus there was no way that I was going to purchase it, but it was entirely neat plus interesting. The last time I went to the marijuana dispensary, I decided to purchase a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints… One was only a half gram joint plus I decided to smoke it on the way lake home from the dispensary. It’s absolutely not legal to smoke marijuana in the car plus I knew that I was taking a chance. I got caught driving plus the cop gave me a ticket… He also confiscated all of the open packages that I had in the car in addition to our favorite glass bowl plus 2 packs of rolling papers that belonged to our coworker.. I’m going to have to spend money a pretty immense great now plus I have a ding on our license.

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