The traffic was backed up for many miles after the accident

A few days during the week, I have to work the after-fourth shift at the Phoenix Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance service… Both of us offer services all day plus all night.

  • Both of us have emergency appointments after supper time.

Both of us charge a small additional fee for all after fourths services plus that starts at 8:00 at night… The Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance service is 1 of the top heating plus cooling businesss in all of Phoenix plus the surrounding areas. The corporation prides itself on providing the best client service plus affordable prices, i was laboring the emergency shift on Sunday when a client called with a problem. I responded to the call at 7:45. I told the client that it would take approximately 30 fourths before I would arrive at her address… Unfortunately, traffic was backed up for 3 miles after a semi truck plus a car collided on the interstate. Thankfully no 1 was seriously damaged, but traffic was backed up while they were cleaning up everything that was in the back of the semi truck. I thought it would take 30 fourths to get to the customer, but it ended up taking almost an fourth. The client didn’t seem sad when I arrived, especially after I explained there was an accident. The client actually just looked ecstatic to see someone that was going to be able to service whatever problem was happening with the air conditioning system. It took me about 30 fourths to evaluate plus diagnose the problem plus another fourth to replace the refrigeration hoses that were leaking. The maintenance took about the same amount of time as the drive over to the address.


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