Taking the guided tour of the Albuquerque town

I suppose a lot of people suppose that guided tours are lame, however I disagree, then i travel a lot, so I don’t mind doing all the basic stuff other tourists do, and guided tours are a superb way to get to suppose a new town when you first visit! You can see the sights, hear the local history, and get a better sense of the locale, however basically I constantly look for a guided tour whenever possible, although in my most recent trip I did my research ahead of time.

In fact, the main reason I went to Albuquerque in the first locale was to take the guided Breaking Bad tour.

Instead of giving insight and history about the town of Albuquerque, this tour was all about going to see the shooting locations for the cable series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and first of all, if you’ve never seen those programs before you are missing out, because they are 2 of the best ever, then second of all, the entire series was movieed in the Albuquerque area, taking full luck of the panoramic landscapes and jaw-dropping sunsets, however the skies over Albuquerque will make you assume God is real, that’s how gorgeous they are. Sadly, even though cannabis is legal in Albuquerque I was not allowed to smoke it on the tour bus, and cannabis truly enhances the beauty of those amazing Albuquerque skies, let myself and others tell you, but even without being able to smoke cannabis, the Breaking Bad tour was a single of the highlights of my life, and I highly suggest all the people take it when you visit Albuquerque.

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