Where can I use marijuana?

Neither my parents nor boyfriend wanted me to try marijuana around them

When I turned 21, I wanted to try marijuana. I had always been interested in trying marijuana, but I wanted to wait until I was 21. I was afraid of the law coming after me. My dad told me that the police in Denver, CO, could really crack down on you if you were underage, or using marijuana in the wrong areas. While in the marijuana dispensary, I asked if there was anyplace I could or couldn’t use marijuana. The budtender told me I could use in my private residence, but only if the property owner allowed it. They had licensed marijuana hospitality businesses and licensed retail marijuana hospitality and sales businesses that had lounges where you could use marijuana. I could not use marijuana anywhere the public could see me, or where they had access and no restrictions. I was thinking the only safe place for me to try marijuana for the first time was in my home. When the budtender continued to talk about restricted areas, including common areas of building and facilities, hotel rooms, business not licensed for marijuana use, streets, highways, transport facilities, parks, playgrounds, or arcades, I changed my mind. Neither my parents nor boyfriend wanted me to try marijuana around them. I told him I wasn’t interested in purchasing marijuana; all I wanted to do was get some information. It sounded like Denver, CO, didn’t mind if you used marijuana, but they wanted you to hide away from the public like you were a leper or a recalcitrant child in the old days.

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