The bay area is the perfect area for family fun

I try to introduce my kids to new and interesting places, where they can learn about history, nature, technology or science.

San Francisco, CA is one of the best places to visit.

It’s especially advantageous for us, because we live close by. My family lives in the foothills of San Francisco. We try to visit the bay area as much as possible. One of the places that the kids always want to visit is the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA provides a hands-on reading experience centered around science, art and technology. The kids just love the interactive exhibits and displays. The Observation Gallery is always a favorite. There’s lots to do in the area for family-friendly activities. We often take the kids to the San Francisco zoo. The kids get to see all sorts of exotic and endangered animals in their natural habitat. It’s a perfect opportunity to talk about nature, the environment and our impact on it. We discuss the different needs and care required for the animals. There are all sorts of interactive options such as an indoor rainforest with colorful birds, a butterfly tour and a petting area. Plus, walking the zoo is great exercise. We put on several miles just strolling from one exhibit to the next. We’re fortunate that our area provides such great weather at all times of year. In San Francisco, the temperatures rarely get overly hot or overly chilly. We can easily plan outdoor activities, such as the zoo or the waterfront.

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