The Phoenix team practices were canceled all week

It has been very hot and humid this week, which is common for this time of the year.

During the Spring months in Phoenix, temperatures are usually warm.

There are often days during April and May when the temperatures are in the ’90s. Unfortunately, we had a couple of days when the temperatures were close to 100° in May and we had to cancel all of the baseball team practices 3 days in a row. I coach a baseball team in Phoenix and we regularly have practices in the afternoon that last 2 hours or more. Temperatures were still 100° in the afternoon, so we canceled 3 days of practice. When the team finally came back to the field, all of the kids were acting lazy. I told the kids to run the field three times and I got a bunch of complaints. After practice was over, we went to the locker room to clean up and there was no air conditioning at all. I couldn’t figure out why the air conditioner wasn’t working. I adjusted the thermostat and I also checked to make sure that the breaker to the air conditioner was on. I contacted the building manager to complain about the indoor temperatures and he told me that the air conditioner could not be fixed until the following week. When I heard the news, I decided to cancel baseball practices for the rest of the week. I hope that we will be able to get back on track next week. The team is going to start playing games in three weeks and we aren’t even close to ready.


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