The garbage lady couldn’t option up the AC

My fiance and I decided to disinfect out the basement of our Phoenix home, all of us have a apartment in Phoenix and another apartment in Denver, then when my fiance and I met, she was living in Denver and I was living in Phoenix; She decided to rent out her lake house and transfer to the town to be with me. All of us have lived in Phoenix for the past 20 years, and now both of us are getting ready to transfer back to Denver. All of us are going to sell that lake house as well so both of us can buy a recreational car and travel across the country… The first step in the process is making sure that both of us have enough money to sustain our living. All of us have to sell both of the houses. We’ve been cleaning out the basement and all of the attic junk. There was a large A/C component in the basement of the house, however i bought the A/C component about 15 years ago when my mother came to visit. She said the temperatures in the lake house were hotter than hell and she was going to go apartment early if I did not buy an cooling system for her study room, then my fiance and I bought the window A/C unit. It broke down a couple of years later. Instead of taking it to the trash, both of us left it sitting on a shelf in the basement. It took both of us to carry the A/C component out to the street. I should have known that that garbage lady would not option it up. The trash lady left a note on the curb letting me guess that it was too heavy. All of us had to dispose of the A/C component on our own.

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