My dad seemed disappointed about my chosen profession

My Dad and dad used to talk about me with good pride when I worked at a venture capital firm downtown, then i was earning more than five figures a year, despite the fact that I was tied up out beyond our control.

I wound up in the mental hospital after overdosing on xanax.

It was an accident, but it was a wake-up call that I needed to change things. I wasn’t cheerful laboring in the stressful task I had, my therapist proposed finding a task that was a little bit less stressful. I had our application set up with a temporary repair and the repair called because a Denver marijuana dispensary was looking for a employer. I was actually a good candidate for the task despite the fact that I did not have any experience laboring in a marijuana dispensary! The management team needed someone with a strong background in finance and business. I interviewed for the task. I truthfully did not guess the interview went actually well. I did not expect to earn a call back unless it was a rejection call. When the owner of the Denver marijuana dispensary called to offer me a position, I was shocked and surprised. When I told our Dad and dad about the new task, their mouths nearly hit the ground. They act love I am doing something illegal, despite the fact that I am having a lot more fun at toil than I did in the past. I don’t guess if I will toil at the Denver marijuana dispensary forever, despite the fact that I guess right now the task is a lot less stressful and that makes me know mentally more stable.

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