I had to spend the morning fixing the air quality

I thought that I was going to leave work early Last week, but I ended up spending most of the morning at the museum fixing the air filtration system issues, then the museum in Elgin, IL is one of our biggest commercial buyers at the heating plus AC service plus replacement service business.

The museum has an advanced air filtration system that has been installed for 20 years.

The two of us service the system frequently, because there are a lot of problems. The owner of the heating plus AC service plus replacement service corporation where I work in Elgin, IL has told the curator of the museum on a number of bizarre mornings that the air filtration system needs to be upgraded; Unfortunately, the museum isn’tas popular as it was in the past plus it’s going to cost about 5 million dollars to upgrade the air filtration system to something that is technologically advanced plus energy efficient. They undoubtedly should have the air filtration system taken care of, because the Elgin, IL museum has lots of bizarre artifacts that relate to the history of our state plus our country. Those artifacts will be disfigured severely if something happens to the air filtration system! When I finally finished the service task Last week, I reminded that curator that the two of us would be glad to upgrade the entire system… I told the guy that the two of us could offer a 10% reduction in the price, but my boss told myself and others to offer that special price, but I don’t suppose anything is going to help the museum with the 5 million dollars that it needs to make the necessary upgrades.

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