Happy to move back home to the bay area

My family moved to the bay area when I was very young.

My dad was stationed at the army base near San Francisco.

My brother and sister and I loved going to the beach. We spent a lot of time in the water, playing in the waves. My first time experiencing an earthquake was when I lived near the bay area. I remember it very clearly in my mind. I was hanging out with my brother and sister at home. We were playing some new video game and trying to get to the next level. The three of us were all sitting on the couch together when the water in the aquarium started to shake. At first it was a slight vibration but suddenly the whole home started to shake. It was a very strong sensation, and I was terrified. My siblings were frightened as well. None of us knew why the ground was shaking under our feet. We had never experienced an earthquake before moving to California. After I graduated high school, I attended college in New York. After four years of dealing with sub zero temperatures and snow for ungodly long winters, I was ready to move back to the west coast again. By then, cannabis was legalized for recreational use. I was eager to get involved with the industry. I was fortunate to have some connections with people and got a job as a budtender at a dispensary. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and the career and investment opportunities are really advantageous. I am thrilled I get to work in a field I am passionate about while also living in the bay area. I was delighted to be back home.



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