The Evansville hotel and resort could have had better indoor air quality

My fiance and I looked at a lot of different venues for our wedding and reception.

We chose a hotel and resort in evansville, indiana.

When we looked at the hotel and resort, we were very pleased with the way that things looked. The room where our event would be held was very large and spacious and the staff was willing to decorate it with all of the colors that we chose for our wedding and reception. We would have the wedding outside on the grounds and the reception would be held indoors in the banquet area. On the day of the wedding, the temperature in Evansville was 93°. It was an uncommonly warm summer day. It was a little humid outside and guests at the wedding were definitely shifting from side to side in their seats waiting for the bride and groom to walk down the aisle. When we made it to the reception area, both of us were disappointed by the indoor air quality. The Evansville hotel and resort could have had much better indoor air quality. The AC was working, but it didn’t feel like there was much cool air coming out of the vents. My dad talked to the manager of the hotel, but there wasn’t a lot that he could do other than adjust the temperature on the thermostat to make it colder in the room. The manager did adjust the AC, but it really didn’t help with 200 people in that room. All of the lights and the warm bodies were no match for the commercial AC system.

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