Heading to Chinatown for the evening

Chinatown is located in San Francisco, CA.

This area has one of the largest populations of Chinese culture, restaurants and people outside of China.

The initial Chinese immigrants arrived in San Francisco in the mid 1850s. A decade later, the first Chinese only school was opened in San Francisco. During the 1690s, the state passed a series of laws to protect Chinese and Japanese immigrants. In the early part of the twentieth century, the first Chinese hospital was funded to better serve the people of the community. There are a number of really fascinating historical sites to see in Chinatown. The restaurants alone are worth a trip. They provide some of the most authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine outside of the country. One of my favorite things to do when I visit San Francisco, CA is to eat the pork dumplings in Chinatown. There is nowhere else in the country that has pork dumplings that taste as amazing as the one little shop in Chinatown. I live several hours away from San Francisco. Every so often, I make a special trip to the city. I always make time to get the pork dumplings. Last weekend, I had some free time and decided to make the drive. I took off right after work on Friday. I spent the whole evening in Chinatown and sampled food from three separate vendors. I found a hotel by the interstate and planned to get up early and stroll the area. The hotel was situated directly across the street from a cannabis dispensary. I also found some really great boutique-style clothing shops, a really great jewelry store and the perfect spot to have my lunch. I need to be careful when I visit San Francisco because the prices for everything are really high. They offer some amazing options, and I ended up spending more than I should have on a pair of shoes.


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