Cannabis ointments and edibles for relieving arthritis symptoms

I first noticed stiffness in my fingers about ten years ago. My hands were slightly swollen and it was uncomfortable to make a fist. Initially, I didn’t realize that I was experiencing the first signs of arthritis. For a couple of years, I dealt with flare ups over the winters. Living in Muskegon, the cold is brutal. Temperatures below freezing are expected for at least half the year. My issues with arthritis gradually worsened. At one point, my hands swelled so quickly and so badly that I was forced to cut off my rings. The pain and stiffness began to interfere with regular activities. I had difficulty holding a pencil, typing on a computer, pulling weeds from the garden and holding free weights during my workouts. I researched synthetic medications and was not impressed with the side-effects. I tried a variety of home remedies that provided slight relief. While looking for options on the web, I came across cannabis. There were endless stories of people who’d found success with CBD and CBN. These cannabinoids influence receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to alleviate inflammation and pain. I am lucky that I can simply visit a dispensary, show my identification and buy cannabis products. The dispensary in Muskegon carries a variety of products that are ideal for treating the symptoms of arthritis. I’ve experimented and found that a synergistic approach is best. I treat my arthritis from the outside with cannabis-infused ointments and from the inside with edibles. I choose products that are high in CBD and CBN, which avoids psychoactive effects. I can take these medicines and still drive, work and live my regular life.

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