Loving our visit to the west coast

My boyfriend and I usually do something exciting for our anniversary. I was delighted when he mentioned heading out to the West Coast this year. We usually go to the beach for a weekend. However, we had a lot of sky miles saved up on our credit card with the airline. My boyfriend suggested that we use them to fly to San Francisco, CA. I was thrilled with the idea. It sounded like a really great opportunity. of fun. We did some research online and were able to book first class flights directly into the San Francisco airport. Once we got off the plane, we immediately noticed the abundance of advertisements for cannabis dispensaries. Even inside the airport, I saw a lot of ads for the different cannabis shops. My boyfriend mentioned visiting a cannabis dispensary because it is legal for recreational purposes in California. I didn’t realize he was serious until he mentioned it again when we arrived at our hotel. He looked up the location and customer ratings for several nearby cannabis shops. Our hotel in San Francisco was situated only a few blocks from one of the more highly rated dispensaries. We walked to the shop and browsed their array of flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and more. There was a lot to choose from. We bought a couple of different things to try during our stay in the bay area. My boyfriend and I checked out lots of different sites in San Francisco. We had an amazing time visiting the Pacific coast. My boyfriend likes the area so much that he wants to start looking for jobs and move there within the next year or so. I am a bit nervous about such a big move, but the area is really amazing. The weather is simply perfect, and the people are so friendly. It’s expensive, but the perfect place to live.



Recreational Cannabis San Fransisco CA