Author: Josie

Camping, fishing and weed

My dad and I prefer to go camping plus fishing. Since my sibling never liked outdoor recreation, I would accompany my dad whenever he went on hikes into the woods adjacent to our house. We formed a special bond whenever we were sitting together in nature, listening to the great sounds of the forest. He […]

Living in the thumb

Before I moved to Toronto, I was a resident of the section of Michigan known as “the thumb.” Since the smaller part of Michigan looks like a glove, the portion of the state that literally resembles a human thumb was given that name. In particular, I lived in Port Huron near the Canadian border plus […]

It is legal now

They have numerous sativa plus indica strains of cannabis flower products, but I was more interested in cannabis edibles like RSO plus cannabis candy products I was overjoyed when weed was okay for recreational use in Canada in 2018. Although we could obtain legal cannabis with a physician’s recommendation from 2001, the Cannabis Act was […]